Documentary Video – SADC GMI

Documentary Video – SADC GMI

Southern African Development Community, also known as SADC is an organisation that aims to achieve economic development, peace and security, and growth, alleviate poverty, enhance the standard and quality of life of the people of Southern Africa. Their subsidiary, SADC GMI (Groundwater management institute), approached Sound Idea Digital to produce documentary videos filmed in the SADC countries that are part of a groundwater initiative.

This initiative aims to drill groundwater wells and boreholes in areas where local people have limited water supply.

Tete – Mozambique


Chongwe – Zambia



 Harare – Zimbabwe


Documentary videos can be an extremely effective way to share a story or message with an audience. They are an engaging and powerful form of media, allowing viewers to experience a topic from multiple perspectives, as well as gain insight into events from the past or present. Documentaries also provide an opportunity to educate and inform in a way that’s entertaining and easy to digest. As such, they can be used for a variety of purposes including marketing campaigns, educational programs, and even virtual tours. Documentary video can bring any subject to life through dynamic visuals and sound effects, making it easier for viewers to connect with the story.

Traveling and shooting documentary videos is an incredible way to document the people, places, and cultures of your travels. Whether its a short film about an iconic landmark or a feature-length documentary on a unique culture, the possibilities are endless. With documentary video, travelers have the opportunity to showcase their experiences while also learning more about what they’ve encountered along the way. From wildlife encounters to historic sites and beyond, travelers can share their stories with audiences around the world through this captivating form of media. The trick to filming people in a different country is to be respectful about their culture and to make them feel comfortable prior to filming.

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