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Mixed Medium SHEQ Training Videos

Health and Safety training videos are typically done in a traditional video format. Capturing the procedures in a real-life environment provides the trainees with relevant and relatable content. A downside to this is that it requires a team to spend considerable time on your site. With recent distance-based restrictions being introduced, the practicality of filming has waned. A highly effective alternative to traditional video is combining 360-degree Photography with 3D Animation.

360 Degree Photography

360 Degree Photos are taken of each site location. The photos can be taken by a single person, and require much less time on site. The stitched photos will be used as the backgrounds for different scenes. Recording background audio while taking your 360-degree photos will add an additional element of realism to your final videos.

3D Animation

3D Models are made based on the interactive elements of each scene. Typical models include people, PPE, Tools and Machinery. 3D Models can be imported from CAD to reduce the cost of production. Once a 3D asset has been developed it can easily be applied to different scenes. 
Mixed-Medium Video ProductionOnce the scenes and 3D assets have been developed, it is time to animate them and combine them in sequence with 360-degree backgrounds. Additional audio, voice and music are added along with motion graphics to finalise the product. 

Combing 3D Animation with 360 Degree in Photography can be particularly beneficial in high-risk or complicated work environments. Set up is considerably faster and can be handled by a single camera operator. The camera operator does not have to be present for the shot either, which reduces risk and interruptions to operations. This style of training video can easily be updated without the need to film again. Assets can easily be re-branded or procedures updated without having to arrange a team to disrupt production. Mixed Medium Videos are perfectly suited for health and safety induction as each scene can easily be updated and repurposed to save time and money. 

Tips for Creating Mixed Medium SHEQ Training Videos

Successfully crafting SHEQ training videos using a combination of 3D Animation and 360-degree Photography requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some practical tips to ensure the production process is smooth and the final product is engaging:

Pre-Planning: Before the shoot, conduct a site assessment to identify key areas for 360-degree photos. Determine the narrative and actions you want the 3D characters to perform, and mark out areas that would make ideal vantage points for capturing the space.

Ensure Consistency: Lighting is crucial. When taking 360-degree photos, ensure consistent lighting throughout to match the 3D animations later. This seamless blending makes the final video more immersive.

High-Resolution Images: For the 360-degree photos, use high-resolution cameras. This ensures the backgrounds are clear and can stand up to zooming or panning without pixelation.

Capture Natural Sounds: While recording background audio, try to capture a range of natural sounds from different site areas. This ambient noise will increase the realism of the final video, making it more engaging.

Work with Skilled Animators: It’s imperative to have animators who understand the nuances of 3D modelling in real spaces. They should be able to gauge the correct scale, shadows, and movement to ensure that animations align perfectly with the photographed backgrounds.

Interactive Elements: Think about making parts of the video interactive, allowing trainees to click on elements to learn more. This engagement can make the training more memorable.

Feedback Loop: Once the initial video is crafted, it can be helpful to show a prototype to a small group of potential trainees. Their feedback can be invaluable in making final tweaks.

Regular Updates: As the advantage of the mixed medium is its flexibility, set a schedule to review and update the content regularly. With changes in machinery, PPE, or protocols, the video should evolve too.

Optimisation for Various Devices: Ensure that the final video can be viewed seamlessly on various devices like smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, and desktops. This multi-device approach will cater to the diverse ways trainees might access the training.

Narration: Use clear and concise voice-over narrations to guide the viewer through the training. This will ensure that the trainees are not just relying on visual cues but have an auditory guide reinforcing the safety instructions.

Incorporating these tips when creating a Mixed Medium SHEQ training video will not only make the production process smoother but also result in a video that effectively communicates safety, health, environment, and quality training in an engaging manner.

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