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3D Animation is the process of generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. Manipulation of 3D models or objects is carried out within 3D software to export picture sequences to produce animation or movement. In a nutshell, it is the creation of a virtual world. as a 3D animation studio. As a 3D animation studio, we have found a number of potential applications for 3D Animation, such as:

3D Interior Design and Architecture

Usually architects draught two dimensional plans on paper or using computer software. The use of 3D Animation has the power to give architectural designs an edge. Architects can watch their creations come to life and experience them as if they’ve been built already. Having a three dimensional model that they can walk through and observe gives them an opportunity to scrutinise the building before design flaws become design disasters.

3D Animation in medicine

The medical field is one where new findings are constantly uncovered through on-going research. Instead of dissecting cadavers or referring to diagrams, 3D representations of the human body can be used to train scholars, medical practitioners and specialists. Using 3D Animation in medicine has the advantage of giving trainees a more visual account of the theoretical work they have previously read about. It’s the perfect medium to use during medical seminars and when demonstrating new medical procedures.

3D Film-making

Very often, films have ambitious storylines that call for shots that may be difficult or completely impossible to shoot. This is where 3D Animation comes to play; it can be made to look indistinguishable from real life. Similarly, it could also simulate environments and situations that may prove to be hazardous or unsafe. This could in return be used in Health and Safety Videos etc.

3D in business

How a business and its products are marketed can make or break them. 3D Animation is an effective tool to use in marketing. It can be used as part of an advertising campaign when introducing new products to the market or when demonstrating a newly developed product to potential investors and clients. The use of 3D Animation is not only limited to the marketing side of business, it can be applied to training new and existing employees. The list of possibilities is endless.

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3D Animation studio, Production Process

Step 1

A meeting must be held with the client to have a better understanding of their needs, this way you will have an outline to guide you through what needs to be done.

Step 2

The 3D Animation production process is categorized into three main sections: modelling, layout and animation and rendering. Modelling is essentially generating 3D objects within a certain scene.

Step 3

The layout and animation phase entails positioning and animating the objects within a certain scene. Finally, rendering, this is the end result or output of completed computer graphics.

Step 4

The models are either sourced or built. A model is a 3D wireframe of an object. This wireframe can receive any kind of photographic texture.

Step 5

A script for the voice over is planned and written and a storyboard is drawn. Everything must be reviewed by the client and signed off before the next step The voice-over is recorded and signed off by the client.

Step 6

The voice-over is recorded and signed off by the client. The voice-over is then used to provide descriptive information of the scenes and environments. This serves to bolster the information provided.

Step 7

Texture mapping is created and signed off by the client. Texture mapping involves adding texture and detail to 3D models.

Step 8

Import CAD models. CAD models are Computer Aided Design Models. These are realistic computer models of products. If a client has CAD models of their products, they can be used in the 3D Animation.

Step 9

The animation is planned and a low resolution render is created and discussed with the client, thereafter client changes are applied and a final is generated and signed off by the client.

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