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Two Alternatives To Drones For Aerial Shots

The improvement of technology over the years has brought about new, innovative and easier ways to do things. In the past, aerial shots were a laborious and expensive task. The introduction of drones into the market has changed how they’re executed dramatically. They can be done at a high, medium or low height, creating high-end video shots. Drone video is rapidly becoming the new standard in aerial photography. By leveraging the power of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drone video offers a unique perspective that was once impossible to capture. With its high-definition cameras, drones can reach heights and angles that would be arduous for an average camera operator to achieve. Drone videography is also cost-effective compared to traditional production methods, making it an attractive option for recreational, commercial or professional uses. From capturing breathtaking landscapes to providing aerial surveillance, drone video has quickly become an indispensable tool among photographers and filmmakers.

With drones, operators can fly camera equipment to virtually any location and height, allowing them to capture footage from angles that were previously impossible. Aerial drone video also offers superior resolution compared to ground-level video, often at much lower cost than traditional production methods. Additionally, drones are able to stay airborne for extended periods of time, allowing operators to capture more dynamic and creative shots without having to worry about time or location constraints. With all these benefits in tow, it’s no wonder why aerial drone video has become so popular among professional filmmakers as well as recreational hobbyists. At times, however, there may be policies or conditions preventing us from using drones for filming. For example: locations near national sites of interest are no-fly zones, as well as certain countries where drones have not had their legislations updated.

Fortunately, we have two alternatives for achieving a birds-eye view or aerial shots. A gimbal and pole is the first alternative. This is a pole with a length of up to 5 to 6 metres, which is about two and a half storeys. It results in a steady, aerial shot similar to what would be taken with a drone.

The second alternative is a gimbal and cable. This entails connecting a 100m cable from one side to another and attaching the camera to create gliding, low-level shots. It’s ideal for shoots where it’s dangerous to use a drone, for example, in a factory with dangerous machinery.

Aerial shots add value to videos dramatically and the best part is: that there is more than one way to pull them off!

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