LMS Development

We built our Learning Management System from the ground up over 9 years ago. Growing the system with updates and features as we match our clients’ needs. With each new industry adding essential functionality, we developed our LMS into 2 unique products, namely:

Collective Mind LMS

A custom built Learning Management System tailored to the client’s exact requirements. Can be customised, with extensive integration options with existing systems and can be modified on demand. 

Hosting Options

- Cloud/Rental

- On Premise/Purchase

Key Features

  • AI
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Micro Learning
  • LMS Portal Builder
  • Built-in Authoring Tool
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Integration
  • Custom Security

Friendly LMS 

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ version of the LMS with standardised modules and features. Has a quick turn around, customisation for company branding and is rich in functionality.

Hosting options


Key Features

  • Blended Learning Module
  • System Audit Trail
  • Learning Path Customisation
  • Document Management
  • White-Labelling
  • Custom Certificates
  • Gamification
  • Dynamic Reporting System

We also offer custom built eLearning content in a combination of mediums including video, animation, motion graphics and voice recording. Additional articles:

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For more on our LMS and eLearning offering visit our eLearning website or contact us for a free consultation and demo.

Learning Management System Example

Learning Management System Dashboard Example

Learning Management System Example from Sound Idea Digital

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