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Our team custom develops your website, blog, microsite, mobisites and any required applications.

CollectiveMind CMS Development

CollectiveMind CMS is a powerful enterprise Content Management System developed by Sound Idea - one of South Africa's most innovative software developers.

The CollectiveMind CMS offers users a solution to the demand placed on the corporate environment to supply employees and business owners with a comprehensive package to assist in the collection, compilation, management and dispersal of information and knowledge both internally and externally.

A Content Management System is a web-based application that is used by companies and organisations to collect, update and relay information on a self-updateable administrative web-based system. The entire site can be managed via the CMS.  Tasks can be delegated and the site can be run by a simple graphic interface.

The application provides access to the website's core functionality. Used as a company starting page news, announcements and items of interest will be visible. The system allows specific people the ability to log in and update the site content. Updating the site content is as simple as using a word-processor and requires no advanced understanding of HTML or its concepts. On a regular basis, content on the site can be emailed out to specified groups within the company or those on your database.

By offering our customers a unique perspective on information management, the CollectiveMind exists as a unique product amongst the rest; combining tried and tested modules for everything from basic site layout to email newsletters and online surveys and polls.

The CollectiveMind offers you all these modules in one all-inclusive package. The CollectiveMind is customised to suit each company's unique needs.

Preview of the user-friendly homepage and interface:

360 Degree Employee Assessment Systems Development

What does our system do?

High performance organisations depend on strong, focused leadership. The 360 Degree Leadership Assessment System (LAS) is a method of assessing and monitoring leadership performance through a set of surveys specific to your organisation. Collecting data is fast and easy via this web-based 360 Degree LAS which identifies the development strengths and needs of your leadership team.

Users log in to take surveys about their co-workers who have nominated them to do so. Taking the survey is as easy as clicking on a button for each statement asked in the surveys. Surveys are tailor-made for each company in a few easy steps.

The individual reports of each leader shows results from supervisors, colleagues and subordinates and also includes a self-assessment. This critical information can help you target your leadership training and development.


  • It is easy to use on a local network in an internet browser window. There is no need to go online. Interim results are immediately available to the manager who has the correct access level.
  • Your results are only visible to the person who needs to view them. No papers lying around for others to view. Reminder emails are pre-written and only need to be sent out.
  • The help window has easy to follow instructions, although the system is so easy to use that you will probably never need it.
  • Nominating who should evaluate you is easy. Just select the survey, and as many names you need from the list and press "allocate". After login, a summary of all the surveys you need to be taken is shown. No need to search for information.
  • Create new surveys easily. Clear instructions will guide you through the steps. Step one: give it a name, step two: define the sections and statements, step three: allocate the survey to the leaders it pertains to.
  • Results are visible in easy to understand bar graphs, summarising ratings per statement, per section or with full details per statement.


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