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Sound Idea Digital has been custom developing SharePoint systems since 2007. We have extensive experience in custom development, system upgrades, design and integration with existing web-based platforms. Our team provides a comprehensive solution that covers every step of Development. With Office 365 and SharePoint Online it is more accessible than ever to develop a comprehensive intranet system with seamless office integration.

Each project is broken down into the following steps:


The first step is to access the value of what SharePoint’s various features have to offer the company. There may be a need to develop a SharePoint Web Part to accommodate more intricate needs within the system.

Needs Analysis

Every company's needs are different when it comes to setting up a company Intranet. At Sound Idea we have acknowledged this by placing emphasis on the importance of a comprehensive needs analysis. During this process we are able to determine potential opportunities and needs that can be satisfied through the implementation of a company intranet. This process also aids in change management as team members are included in the inception of the new system.

Architecture and Design

It is important that during the planning phase the needs and requirements of the system are mapped out accurately. By identifying “bottle necks”, communication issues and workflow issues from the ground floor, it becomes far easier to evaluate what internal communication needs may be more effective. We take every new system and company at its point of need. That is, we do not attempt to sell unnecessary SharePoint built systems when they will not form a valuable and intrinsic part of the company workflow processes.

Development & Implementation

Once we have identified the relevant and required components of your Sharepoint System, we select and configure the platform. As mentioned before, sometimes a Custom SharePoint Web Part may be required for a particularly tricky or complicated system application. We develop these from the ground-up in C# .Net. These home-grown applications are built specifically for the system and remain fully compatible with existing Sharepoint offerings.At Sound Idea we believe that a successful development hinges on a deep, empathic understanding of the communication and internal-systems requirements of each and every individual company. We seek to understand the specifications and build them in our minds before we begin physical implementation. This is the cornerstone of our programming philosophy and represents the strength and integrity of our products.

Our SharePoint services include

  • SharePoint Online Configuration
  • SharePoint Design
  • SharePoint consultation and needs analysis 
  • Strategy, evaluation & implementation
  • Support (online, telephonic & personal)
  • Custom SharePoint development
  • SharePoint Integration
  • SharePoint Business Intelligence
  • Document Management Systems
  • SharePoint Training

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