Sound Idea Digital is one of the top video production companies in South Africa, with more than 29 years of experience, corporate video production comes naturally to us! We are situated in Gauteng operating in Pretoria and Johannesburg, with additional offices in Cape Town.

Our Location

Though we are situated in Gauteng, we have filmed on various locations in the continent including: Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Rwanda, Nigeria and many others. We also frequently film on locations at:

  • Durban
  • Cape Town
  • Port Elisabeth
  • East London


Video Production South Africa
Video Production Agency

Our Team

Our expert team strive to make our clients’ lives better by handling everything from the beginning stages of storyboarding, scripting and filming to the end where directing, adding motion graphics and animation where needed, as well as editing takes place.

We have experience in filming in a wide variety of environments, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Mines
  • Laboratories
  • Farms
  • Nature


Our Video Production Services

  • Concept strategy
  • Scripting
  • Filming, direction & production
  • Cutting, editing & rendering
  • Original music production
  • Writing to Master & duplicating (if required)
Video Production Services


We Specialise In

Marketing Videos

Sound Idea creates marketing videos to advertise and market your products and services to cliental. Your products/services are presented in a manner that captures the attention and achieves the goals set out for the project.

Health & Safety Videos

Health and safety videos communicate potential hazards and brief staff or visitors on precautions at a certain workplaces. To orientate workers, who make use of the facility, or anyone who enters the premises, a health and safety video is a must have.

Training Videos

To train or teach workers on new and old methods or machinery, services and sales procedures, or any other type of training.  Training videos last a long time and can be shown year upon year.  Use training videos to train new staff or to refresh the knowledge of long term employees.

Corporate Videos

Sound Idea will produce a corporate video which will inform cliental about your company.  Our productions are informative and aesthetically pleasing. Corporate videos can be used by sales, PR and marketing departments as an effective promotional tool.

Company Launch Videos

Launch videos are used as information and multimedia tools in the launch events of new products, company events, PR and marketing related functions.

Induction Videos

Induction videos, like training videos, are developed to train staff how to go about the work place. Induction videos differ in that it is specifically made for new staff or employees.   

Web Videos

Sound Idea’s web videos are scripted, filmed and edited specifically for use on the internet.  We consider the variables of online video for various platforms and devices.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos make use of various animation effects, most notably whiteboard animation, to explain a new concept or business idea. Through the use of colourful and engaging visuals, the viewer can get an overview of this idea.

Infographics Presentations

Sound Idea’s infographic presentations are a type of presentation where words, numbers, stats, graphics etc. are dynamically displayed.  This type of presentation is informative and visually entertaining.  The viewer easily and quickly comprehends the figures and information in any way intended. 

Aerial Videos

The use of aerial video has skyrocketed since the remote control drones have become so easily accessible. Aerial video works well where an overview of a factory or natural environment provides a better understanding of the environment. Though drones make aerial video more cost effective, we also make use of fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters where necessary.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation can be used to reflect a certain style or be a pull factor to your company.  Demonstrate situations or concepts that would be too difficult or unsafe to demonstrate with regular film.  Animation is especially effective when used in conjunction with health & safety, training, web and marketing videos.

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