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Sound Idea Digital is a professional SharePoint consulting & web development agency specialising in web development, and our services include Sharepoint development, Intranet development, and Learning Management Systems. Our other services extend to Website and Intranet Development, Web Application Development and Learning Management Systems.



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Sharepoint development

We have been developing SharePoint since 2007 for companies like SA Express, Transnet, ELRC (Education Labour Relations Council), Impala Platinum, Botswana Intelligence Agency, SAWC (South African Wildlife Council), Cavalier and Rennies Travel. This included a wide variety of systems. Read more about SharePoint on our Web Development website. 

Application development

We develop bespoke applications using C#, PHP and SQL. The applications we have developed included a CMS or Content Management System which is used as a platform for websites and intranets; a Marketing Automation System which has been integrated into our CMS and a 360 Degree Leadership Assessment. 

Web development and intranet development

At Sound Idea Digital we develop websites and intranets that are built on responisive design principles. This means that they are able to scale according to any device from computer screens and tablets to cellphones.


learning management
mobile app development
power bi

Learning Management System

We have years of experience building our Collective Mind LMS or Learning Management System from the ground up. We're able to build your LMS according to the unique needs of your organisation.

Mobile App development

We develop applications that can integrate with other systems. We have built the Augmented reality App as well as a Health and Safety Incident Reporting App. Read more about Mobile App Development on our Web Development website. 


PowerBi is business analytics tool that analyses data and uses it to formulate graphs, charts, reports and summaries. This information can be used to not only improve decision making but also ensure overall efficiency within the business.

technical support



Sound Idea Digital has years of experience in integrating any database-driven system into another.


We provide support on not just our own systems but others too. We are able to assist with troubleshooting, updating, fixing bugs and adding functionalities.


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Take the opportunity to tell your story, provide the context that makes you proud to be a part of your company. You never know when your next big deal or investor is sitting in on your visitors' induction video....

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