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A one-size-fits-all approach should be avoided when applying the different content types used for communicating.  It is ideal to understand what each one is best suited for before applying it to your business. We cover 10 different content types through which you can tell your story. In addition to this, we discuss the production process, the unique strengths as well as the budget considerations of each one. 



2D character animation in an office setting   Pie Chart infographic style animation   whiteboard animation of a building 

 2D and 3D Character Animation

Character Animation has the power to grip viewers regardless of the subject matter. There are two types of Character Animations: 2D and 3D. 


 Infographic Style Animation

Reading figures tends to be a boring task. Infographic Style Animations are ideal for showing data in a way that keeps your audience interested.


 Whiteboard Animation

Complex topics are as difficult to explain as they are to understand. Whiteboard Animations have proven to be an effective solution to those problems!

Children in a vegetable garden

Man wearing virtual reality headsets


Augmented Reality

 Video Production

Storytelling through video may not be a new concept but the evolution of technology has drastically improved the quality. 


Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality

Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality afford you the opportunity of being anywhere, at anytime without taking a single step.


Augmented Reality

Anything you can imagine can come to life through Augmented Reality.


Stereoscopic image of terracotta army


3D animation of room with pool table


image of Sandton City

Stereoscopic Imaging 

Stereoscopic Imaging is a great way to make flat, two dimensional pictures come to life. Red/Cyan glasses are best suited to view these. 


 3D Animation 

Through 3D Animation, buildings, objects and scenes that were just imaginations or ideas on paper can become a reality. 



Professional photographs are an ideal solution for every businesses when it comes to enhancing their professional image. 

Man wearing virtual reality headsets        

360 and VR180 Video

Video is no longer restricted to one frame. Viewers can be immersed into the video and feel as if they're really there!



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