Instructional Design Checklist Part 2

Are project objectives clear and measurable?

Having clear objectives is especially important the more stakeholders involved, as every individual that contributes needs to be measured in relation to the progress of the material.

Does the material adhere to learning principles?

Larger courses should be broken down into multiple smaller modules. Learning outcomes should be scaled to ensure learners stay engaged, the same can be said for keeping the course interactions varied. Students learn better when they are presented with different forms of stimulus. 

Is the material easy to access and navigate?

Is the Learning Management System properly configured to ensure easy access? Access and navigation is essential as it forms one of the major advantages of Adult Learning, empowering the students to learn at their own pace whenever they like. One of the advantages of eLearning is the SCORM format, which includes its own media player. It is advised to configure the media player accordingly to ensure the learner has a streamlined learning experience. 

Is the content technically sound?

There are many elements that affect the user experience outside the content itself. Technical elements like large images which are slow to load, or adding long video clips instead of embedding them all contribute to the speed at which the lesson is streamed. Using the correct image formats and lesson structure will ensure your eLearning is also mobile friendly. We suggest making a technical checklist and ticking each item off to ensure you don’t face other unforeseen issues like slow servers on launch. 

Have you tested your export settings?

Before going live it is essential to do a dry run on the LMS with your newly created eLearning content. Authoring tools have multiple export options which should be tested once published on the Learning Management System to ensure the marks and student progress is being tracked properly. It is also recommended to double check your assessment questions and answers. Publishing an assessment with incorrect answers will leave the learners confused and frustrated. 

Have you established your launch strategy?

This is especially important when producing multiple courses or complicated campaigns with multiple stakeholders and staggered publishing schedules. Good content takes time to produce, make sure to stagger your content releases to maintain your content pool. Your launch strategy should adhere to Adult Learning principles with motivation at the heart of it. Consider student incentives and match your  launch accordingly. 

Corporate eLearning development has grown in leaps and bounds as the online learning industry adopts new technologies and standards. Combining traditional production best practice with Instructional Design and Project Management is a recipe for successful eLearning. Elearning that is engaging and constantly growing to keep up with an ever-changing digital business world. 



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