Dealing with Difficult Subject Matter using Animation

Most corporate organisation's operate in a digital space where communication is essential for success. Corporate communication covers a multitude of subject matter, spanning from formal to creative. 

When it comes to corporate communication, animation is the most versatile and creative medium. It can easily be modified or updated, which is especially suited for environments where communication is dynamic by nature. With every message there is an ideal medium. This is often clear, however when it comes to complex or sensitive subject matter, it may be less obvious. 

Complex Concepts

Complex subject matter like system training or product development can easily be broken down and simplified to aid the viewer through an appropriate animation medium, for example: A whiteboard animation style is able to develop a concept step by step with a hand drawing out each process. 

Sensitive Subjects

One of the most prominent places for sensitive subject matter is in corporate soft skill training, or health and safety training. Subjects like drugs and alcohol, work harassment or even COVID screening are best suited for a 2D or 3D character animation medium. A scenario can easily be recreated without having to put people in precarious positions to produce protocol publications. 

Animation is a Practical Solution

One of the many great benefits of animation is that you can easily update a video without having to form a large production crew. It’s versatile which means you can communicate just about any subject matter without issue. Including data heavy concepts like numbers and figures which require animated infographics to give the data perspective without additional explanation.

Animation is ideally suited for corporate communication, training videos, elearning, sales collateral, and marketing material. Allows for easy modification and can communicate even the most awkward of subjects with grace.

Watch our animation showreel below:



Dealing with Difficult Subject Matter using Animation

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