Content marketing: Do's and Don'ts

Danette Coetzee - 2017-09-27
We have all heard the phrase content is king. In the modern world, highly shareable, entertaining an...

The Live Chat Option

Malindi Strydom - 2017-01-27
“Please be patient, we will be with you shortly”. We have all heard these words and we are well aw...

What makes a good landing page

Malindi Strydom - 2017-01-24
We all know how crucial digital marketing has become to a business’s success. One aspect of digital...

How to Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business - Part 2

Malindi Strydom - 2017-01-17
Part two of our series on Social Media and how to choose the right platform for your business....

How to Choose the Right Social Media for your Business - Part 1

Malindi Strydom - 2017-01-10
A look at what specific social media platforms offer and how to utilize these features....

The role of colour in marketing - Part 2

Lorraine Coetzee - 2016-06-03
Many marketing or consumer psychologists believe that colour makes all the difference to how your co...

The role of colour in marketing - Part 1

Lorraine Coetzee - 2016-06-03
According to many Marketing Psychologists, colour has an enormous influence on emotion, consumer beh...

A Quick Guide to Optimising and Perfecting Your Social Media Profiles

Donna Palermo - 2015-07-24
It is amazing how little consideration is taken when uploading a new Social Media profile. It is a s...

Winter is coming - surviving the Feast Famine cycle

Lorraine Coetzee - 2015-04-16
The feast famine cycle means that you either have too much of something (feast) or you have too litt...

Boost your social media marketing in 8 easy steps!

Lorraine Coetzee - 2015-01-29
Staying on top of social media trends and tricks ensures that your business will show significantly ...

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Inform Using Screencasting

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Screencasting is a great way to educate your employees and targeted customers without the risk of le...

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Starting at a new company is a long and sometimes confusing phase, we've all been there! Sound Idea ...

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Sound Idea Digital - 2019-06-18

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