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eLearning3 Questions for your eLearning Developer

3 Questions for your eLearning Developer

So you’ve made the plunge into learning, by finding a suitable eLearning agency. You’ve got your team organised and started setting out your goals for your e-learning content and eLearning developer. Now as with any content production there are a couple of important considerations that need to be highlighted to maintain your production quality and meet your desired deadlines. We can highlight these considerations in the following questions:

What Instructional Design Model is being Implemented?

The instructional design model determines the manner in which the content is produced. There are multiple types of instructional design models, from ADDIE to SAM – through to Rapid Prototyping. Every model has inherent advantages and disadvantages that should be in line with your project’s parameters. These refer to the degree of complexity in the material, the number of subject matter experts involved and other project influences like deadlines and external parties involved. The wrong instructional design model could kill your eLearning project, so take care in finding the right approach to production.

What is the eLearning Project Plan?

The project plan goes hand-in-hand with your instructional design model, which means it needs to match your overall project goals and parameters. If, for example, you have many subject matter experts involved, but infrequent feedback sessions in your project plan, the results will be a flop. Another important element to consider in content production is that typically production is split up into phases, which are usually dependent on the previous phase. This means if you do not facilitate a production phase properly, you will need to revisit that phase again, which will impact the budget or production value of the content being produced.

Is our Available Content Reusable?

An essential production consideration is the repurposeability of content. Every piece of produced content should be carefully considered for multiple applications. The same can be said for a new production, always consider your existing content to identify potential opportunities to reuse existing material. When having this discussion with your online learning supplier make sure to confirm format types and other content parameters to ensure they match the production specifications.

Engaging with an eLearning supplier is often a learning experience, as each new type of product comes with unique nuances that need to be understood and leveraged to make the most out of. From the approach to content production to individual steps of production. Every point gets your team aligned with your eLearning developer, and that is where the magic happens!

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