Sound Idea Digital is a full service digital agency based in Gauteng, South Africa. Our areas of expertise include: video production, custom web development and web application development, multimedia and graphic design. Our extensive portfolio of specialised digital services stems from our deep commitment and passion for digital media.

With more than two decades of corporate video production experience, we take care of everything from story boarding and scripting, to directing and editing.

Sound Idea's web development services include SharePoint development, custom web applications and Intranet design and development.

Our team custom develops websites, blogs, microsites, mobisites and any other required applications.
This includes CMS, LMS and SharePoint Intranet Development.

Our experienced team develops and architects your company's strategy from the ground up. We present solutions that are user-friendly, practical, cost effective and sustainable.

Our team 
develops LMS for eLearning courses or training programs. We write and record online learning content on various platforms & subjects. 

The Sound Idea Digital Academy is an invitation-based, complete online academy. The courses cover all digital related disciplines, marketing and soft skilld training.

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